Chaeyoon Lim to deliver Sewell Memorial Lecture on February 2

Headshot view of Chaeyoon LimThe 16th William H. Sewell Memorial Lecture and reception will be held on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 4:00pm CT in Sewell Social Science 8417. There will also be an option to attend virtually via Zoom. Professor Chaeyoon Lim will deliver the lecture.

Partners, spouses, and other family members are invited to attend the lecture. In addition, the department will invite their Board of Visitor members, and the main office will close early to support staff attendance. There will be a reception after the lecture to which everyone is invited.  Attend in person if you are able and feel comfortable; we will post the Zoom link as the event date gets closer.

William Sewell became chair of the Department of Sociology in 1960 and during his tenure he established a guiding principle of “decency, excellence, and diversity” that the department still aims toward today. After he passed away in June 2001, the department established a lecture to honor his memory. The inaugural lecture was given in December 2001 by Alejandro Portes.