Chaeyoon Lim

Position title: Professor of Sociology


Phone: (608) 263-5146

8112D Sewell Social Science

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Ph.D., Sociology, 2007, Harvard University

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Political Sociology, Methods and Statistics, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Religion, Organizational and Occupational Analysis


Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry (Honors)
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry
Soc 360 Statistics for Sociologists I
Soc 543 Collective Behavior
Soc 924 Seminar on Political Sociology (Social Capital and Public Life)

Other Campus Affiliations:

Center for East Asian Studies
Religious Studies Program

Selected Publications:

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Dingeman Wiertz. 2018. “The Civic Footprints of Labor Market Integration: Longitudinal Evidence from the United States, 2002-2015.” Social Forces

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2016. “Religion, Time Use and Affective Well-Being.” Sociological Science 3: 685-709.

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2016. “Korean American Catholics in the Changing American Religious Landscape: A Statistical Portrait,” In Embracing our Inheritance: Jubilee Reflections on Korean American Catholics.

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2015. “Urbanization and Social Participation in Local Communities in South Korea: 1970-2012.” In Archeology of the Compressed Development: Social Changes in South Korea through the Lens of Social Surveys 1965-2015.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and James Laurence. 2015. “Doing Good When Times Are Bad: Volunteering Behavior in Economic Hard Times.” British Journal of Sociology

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Carol Ann MacGregor. 2012. “Religion and Volunteering in Context: Disentangling the Contextual Effects of Religion on Voluntary Behavior.” American Sociological Review 77: 747-779