Syllabus Archive

Archive of syllabi provided by instructors. Both current and past semester’s courses are listed here. Some Sociology courses are offered only periodically. In these cases, a syllabus from the last time such a course was offered is provided here. Use these files to review current course offerings or to view the subject matter of courses not currently on the schedule.

Courses numbered 100-299

Includes undergraduate courses such as: Marriage and Family; Contemporary American Society; Social Problems; Criminal Justice in America; Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Sociology of Gender; Introduction to Rural Sociology and Development; Human Sexuality; Population Problems; Food, Culture, and Society; Contemporary Chinese Society; Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines; Environment, Natural Resources & Society; The Civilizations of India – Modern Period; People and Places: The Demography of Rural America; Africa: An Introductory Survey

Courses numbered 300-699

Includes undergraduate and graduate courses such as: Methods of Sociological Inquiry; Statistics for Sociologists; Computing in Sociological Research; Mathematical Sociology; Criminology; Classical Sociological Theory; Feminism and Sociological Theory; Introductory Social Psychology; Sociology of Developing Societies/Third World; Sociology of Organizations; Social Stratification; Sociology of the Family; Sociology of Law; Sociology of Sport; Sociology of Education; Population and Society; Urbanism and Urbanization

Courses numbered 700 and up

Includes graduate courses such as Intermediate Social Psychology: The Individual and Society; Intermediate Social Psychology: Group and Collective Processes; Environmental Sociology; Research Methods in Sociology; Survey Methods for Social Research; Intermediate Classical Theory; Path Analysis and Structural Equation Models; Family and Household Demography; Sociology of Citizenship;