Undergraduate Scholarships

The Alfred Reschke Social Science Scholarship

This undergraduate scholarship fund was created in memory of Alfred Reschke, a former student and assistant in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin. It was endowed by a generous bequest from his wife, Luvella K. Reschke. The scholarship supports outstanding undergraduate students in the Department of Sociology.

The Sociology Department awards the Alfred Reschke Scholarships up to four students every year for support during their senior year. It is open to Sociology majors who plan to graduate from UW-Madison during the next Academic Year. Students provide a short statement of purpose and a sample of written work performed in a UW-Madison Sociology course. The awards are, by and large, merit based.


2022 Winners:    Rachel Litchman, Jordyn Jenjak

2021 Winners:    Yuxin Liu, Alicia Lorta, Madison Johnson, Yumeng Wang

2020 Winners:   Mya Berry and Alyssa Meurer

2019 Winners:    Sidney Alhadeff, Adam Kanter, Ellen Krebs, Jiazhi Yang

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Andrea Michelle Sperka Sociology Award

This undergraduate scholarship fund was created in memory of dedicated Sociology Student, Andrea Michelle Sperka. Throughout her undergraduate years, Andrea carried a demanding academic schedule while working to help meet her educational costs. In addition, Andrea often served as a volunteer, including her work with homeless children in Madison and in a township in South Africa.

Andrea said, “Studying sociology helped me better understand the impact of a person’s conditions on their life chances…” She also acknowledged, “My sociology degree has challenged my pre-existing ideas about society and individuals, and made me confident in my ability to question the world around me and realize the possibility for change.”

Applicants should show a commitment to working on behalf of others (through paid employment or volunteer service) and academic merit. They submit a personal statement, a writing sample from a UW-Madison Sociology course, and a recommendation that speaks about their service experience.

2022 Winner:    Kennedy Francois

2021 Winner: Yahvi Mahendra

2020 Co-Winners:  Ellen Hickman and Rachel Lichtman

2019 Winner:  Marissa Fowler

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Alex and Demiana Hanna Pride Scholarship

This undergraduate scholarship fund was established by Alex Hanna and her mother, Demiana, to support Sociology majors who are actively committed to and engaged in activities that advocate for and support the LGBTQ+ community. Alex received her Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016.

Students provide a short statement of their activities related to their engagement, advocacy, support, and/or leadership in LGBTQ+ communities, and the name and contact information of a University of Wisconsin-Madison sociology instructor (faculty member, lecturer, or teaching assistant) who can speak to their work in class or someone who can speak to their engagement, advocacy, and/or leadership in LGBTQ+ communities.

2022 Winner:    Cassidy Martin

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The Joann and Joe Elder Fund in Sociology

student in graduation robe

Honoring long time undergraduate advisor, Joann Elder, and Sociology Faculty member, Joe Elder, this fund used to support undergraduates in the Department of Sociology. The purpose of the Joann and Joe Elder Undergraduate Fund in Sociology is to increase the visibility and community of undergraduate Sociology majors at the UW-Madison. This purpose may be accomplished by: providing funds for undergraduates to attend regional and/or national meetings/conferences; providing speakers and/or other programs to increase the visibility of Sociology majors; facilitate the organization of an undergraduate Sociology club and/or an Alpha Kappa Delta chapter; reimbursing faculty members or graduate students for offering a special seminar for undergraduate Sociology majors; supplementing support for undergraduate Sociology majors’ research projects; providing funds for undergraduates to explore linkages between Sociology and contemporary social issues (this list is illustrative not exhaustive.)

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Wisconsin Scholarship Hub

The Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WISH) is a listing of scholarship opportunities available to students at UW-Madison.

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