Chloe Grace Hart

Position title: Assistant Professor of Sociology


Phone: (608) 262-2082

8115 Sewell Social Science

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest Statement:

My research examines cultural beliefs about gender, romance, sexuality, and sexual violence in the United States. In one major stream of research, I consider how cultural beliefs about sexual harassment create challenges for people who have experienced it. A second, emerging line of research examines how people believe romantic or sexual interest should be expressed. Methodologically, I toggle between in-depth interviews and survey experiments.


Ph.D., Stanford University, 2021

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Gender, Social Psychology and Microsociology, Culture, Organizational and Occupational Analysis


SOC 138: The Sociology of Gender
SOC 444: Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective

Selected Publications:

Hart, Chloe Grace. 2023. “Is There an Idealized Target of Sexual Harassment in the MeToo Era?” Social Problems.

Hart, Chloe Grace. 2021. “Trajectory Guarding: Managing Unwanted, Ambiguously Sexual Interactions at Work.” American Sociological Review. 86(2):256-278.

Hart, Chloe Grace. 2019. “The Penalties for Self-Reporting Sexual Harassment.” Gender & Society. 33(4):534-559.

Nakagawa, Sandra and Chloe Hart. 2019. “Where’s the Beef: How Masculinity Exacerbates Gender Disparities in Health Behaviors.” Socius. 5:1-12.

Hart, Chloe Grace, Aliya Saperstein., Devon Magliozzi, & Laurel Westbrook. 2019. “Gender and Health: Beyond Binary Categorical Measurement.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 60(1):101-118.

Hart, Chloe Grace, Alison Dahl Crossley, and Shelley J. Correll. 2018. “Leader Messaging and Attitudes Toward Sexual Violence.” Socius. 4:1-11