Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Fall 2023: Community-Engaged Research for Solving Urban Problems: A High-Road Practicum

Term: Fall 2023
Status: Open
Working With: Prof. Joel Rogers 
Meets: 9:55-11:55 M, 3425 Sterling
Topic: Community-Engaged Research for Solving Urban Problems: A High-Road Practicum
Use social science research tools to solve problems in Wisconsin communities! All academic backgrounds welcome.
This course uses high-road strategies and applied social science research to solve real community problems. “High road” denotes a family of strategies for social problem-solving and economic development that emphasize honest, humble, and willing cooperation among people in advancing the values of fairness and inclusion, sustainability, and democratic accountability, while also emphasizing the tremendous productivity gains that come from leveraging them.
The projects students will work on will be selected in collaboration with the UniverCity Year program at UW-Madison. Students will work in small teams to conduct research on problems which communities themselves have identified. Examples of potential projects include investigating local consolidation of government services, incorporating equity and sustainability into a city’s economic development strategy, urban transportation planning, attracting and retaining young residents to small cities, measuring resident perceptions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and improving communications with residents about city efforts.
Available for 3 credits.
Students should have credit for an introductory statistics course (e.g., Soc 360, Stat 301, Stat/Math 310, Econ 310, Psych 210, Geog 360).
To Apply: Interested students should contact Lyn Macgregor,