Alumna Casey Stockstill Interviewed on Segregation in Early Childhood Care

Casey Stockstill (Ph.D. 2018) was recently interviewed for the newsletter “Culture Study” by Anne Helen Peterson about her research on race and early childhood care.  Stockstill is currently Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Denver, where she is finishing her book, Unequal Beginnings:  Daily Life in Two Segregated American Preschools.  The questions that Stockstill examines are “What does it mean for young children to grow up in contexts so segregated by race and class? And how do they understand their daily lives and the institutions within which they are raised?” The article describes the research she conducted as a Ph.D. student at UW-Madison in addition to her continued work at University of Denver.  Peterson comments, “Stockstill’s work is at once engrossing and challenging, and whether or not you have children, incredibly useful in thinking through the way we conceive of the messages we start internalizing very early on when it comes to race, play, and authority.

Head Start center north Minneapolis — Paula Erster preschool teacher at the Head Start center in north Minneapolis discussed worms during a science class with students Quashanna left, Artwjuan, Bua Sy, Shamonique, and La Lee.(Photo By JERRY HOLT/Star Tribune via Getty Images)