Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Spring 2021: Lobbying and the Revolving Door in Policymaking Processes

Term: Spring 2021
Status: Open
Working With: Wendy Li, 
Topic: Lobbying and the Revolving Door in Policymaking Processes
This project studies the career patterns of lobbyists and policymakers, to understand how policy careers and policy networks take shape. I am generating a dataset of policy professionals who work in trade policy, in order to conduct sequence and network analyses that will reveal whether there is a “revolving door” in policymaking, and how shared employment or educational experiences shape social networks among lobbyists and policymakers. For the spring, the main role of undergraduate research assistants for this project will be to conduct internet-based research on individuals’ career and educational backgrounds.
Activities: Undergraduate research assistants will be provided with a spreadsheet and asked to use online search tools to track down biographical blurbs, CVs, and social media profiles that contain career and educational information for each case in this study. The instructor will co-code several cases with students first, to ensure reliability and accuracy. Training will be provided. Throughout, students will also learn data management and organizational skills, and gain an understanding of how to construct data for sequence and network analyses. Undergraduate research assistants will need to attend weekly meetings and maintain detailed work logs.
– Good command of spoken and written English
– Understanding and familiarity with U.S. politics and public policy
– Strong organizational skills
To Apply: Please contact Wendy Li at the email address above. Applicants should submit their resume or CV and a one-paragraph statement explaining their interest in this research project. Applications are open until positions are filled. Available for 1-3 credits.
Bill Domhoff’s research
“Interlocks and Interactions Among the Power Elite”
“The Corporate Community, Non Profit Organizations, and Federal Advisory Committees: A Study in Linkages”
Selected recent coverage of the revolving door and political appointments (will be provided)