Celebration of the 2020 PhD Graduates

The Departments of Sociology and Community & Environmental Sociology traditionally hold a celebration, which includes a hooding ceremony and tributes followed by a reception, to honor the Ph.D. students who are graduating.  Because this year’s festivities were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, students earning a Ph.D. this spring and their faculty advisors created videos that follow the format of the in-person event.  They can be viewed below.

H. Jacob “Jake” Carlson            Lefeng “Frank” Lin           Isabel Pike

June Jeon                                        João Peschanski                Nathan Seltzer

Kaan Jittiang


Welcome:  Professor Christine Schwartz, Chair, Department of Sociology:


Dissertation Title: “Gentrification, Displacement, and the Effects of Urban Context”

Advisor: Professor Chaeyoon Lim


June Jeon, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “Scientific Habitus: Power, Ignorance, and Institutions in Environmental Science”

Advisors: Professors Michael Bell and Mustafa Emirbayer

Kaan Jittiang, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “Balancing Security and Humanitarianism: The Thai Government’s Responses to Urban Forcibly Displaced Persons”

Advisor: Professor Gay Seidman 

Lefeng “Frank” Lin, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “Polanyian Trap?  Trade Union Reform and Labor NGO Activism in South China, 2007-2017″

Advisor: Professor Gay Seidman 

João Peschanski, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “Free Fare: A Real Utopia”

Advisors: Professors Gay Seidman and Erik Olin Wright

Isabel Pike, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “From Boy Child to Youth: The Discursive Politics of Gender and Inequality in Kenya”

Advisor: Professor Monica Grant

Nathan Seltzer, PH.D.

Dissertation Title: “The Population Effects of U.S. Deindustrialization”

Advisor: Professor Jenna Nobles