Caitlin Suemnicht

Position title: Member, Board of Visitors, Since 2021


Caitlin Suemnicht

BA, 2006, Sociology, UW-Madison

Sociology helps me understand the world around me, and on a smaller scale, helps me to better understand social issues and consider solutions to problems that exist in business and our community.

Caitlin Suemnicht is the Chief Executive Officer for Food Fight Restaurant Group. Caitlin has held various positions in the company, working as a server, event planner, sommelier, and general manager, and brings the perspectives gained from those experiences to her leadership role. Over the years, Caitlin became Food Fight founder Monty Schiro’s closest collaborator, shaping matters as varied as menu design, branding, and business expansion. She has led concept development for Food Fight since 2012, opening 8 restaurants with an eye for matching service and design with culinary direction. Her responsibilities also include steering company operations, creative strategy, and manager and employee development.

Caitlin and her husband, Eric, reside in Madison and are expecting their first child this summer.