Eunsil Oh

Position title: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Asian Languages and Cultures

8105 Sewell Social Science

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Research Interest Statement:

Three key words of my research are gender, work, and family. As a qualitative sociologist, my research aims to explore key themes in women’s narratives of their early work lives and family decisions and discover the underlying social and cultural forces that shape these decisions.


Ph.D., Sociology, Harvard University (2018)

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Gender; Family; Culture; Education; Social Stratification; Qualitative Methods


Asian 301 / Soc 496 Gender, Work, and Family in East Asia

Introduction to Sociology of Gender

Social Change in Contemporary Korea

Other Campus Affiliations:

Gender and Women’s Studies

Center For East Asian Studies

Selected Publications:

Brinton, Mary and Eunsil Oh. 2019. “Babies, Work, or Both? Highly Educated Women’s Employment and Fertility in East Asia.” American Journal of Sociology. Volume 125 issue1, page(s): 105-140.

Oh, Eunsil. 2018. “Who Deserves to Work? How Women Develop Expectations of Childcare Support in Korea.” Gender & Society. Volume: 32 issue: 4, page(s): 493-515.