Ralph Grunewald

Position title: Assistant Professor, Center for Law, Society,and Justice

Email: grunewald@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-1158

2408 Sterling Hall, 475 N. Charter St.

Head Shot of Ralph Grunewald

Research Interest Statement:

Grunewald’s research focuses on legal and interdisciplinary aspects of wrongful convictions. From a legal perspective Grunewald studies how questions of factual truth and justice are addressed in criminal procedure, and from a literary perspective he looks at the role of storytelling in the legal discourse. He currently works on a book project with the preliminary title “The Guilt Paradigm.” The book will provide a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of wrongful convictions and what they tell us about the construction of legal responsibility.

Other Campus Affiliations:

Center for Law, Society & Justice
Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies

Selected Publications:

Zalman, Marvin and Ralph Grunewald. 2016. “Reinventing the Trial: The Innocence Revolution and Proposals to Modify the American Criminal Trial,” Texas A & M Law Review 3.

Grunewald, Ralph. 2014. “Comparing Injustices: Congruence, Conflict, and the System,” Albany Law Review 77.

Grunewald, Ralph. 2013. “The Narrative of Innocence, or: Lost Stories”, Law and Literature. 

Grunewald, Ralph. 2003. The De-Individualization of the Principle of Education in the Juvenile Court ActBerlin: Duncker & Humblot.