Monica Grant

Position title: Professor of Sociology


Phone: (608) 262-6261

4458 Sewell Social Science

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Research Interest Statement:

Grant’s current research focuses on gender inequalities in early life course transitions–primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, with a focus on how increasing educational attainment and the HIV/AIDS epidemic influence other domains of life during the transition to adulthood.

These interests have led to her most recent projects, which have focused separately on fertility and union dissolution among adolescents and young adults in Malawi. Her current research in progress focuses on young women’s experiences of divorce during the transition to adulthood and women’s post-divorce material well-being.

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Methods and Statistics, Aging and the Life Course, Demography and Ecology, Education, Economic Change and Development, Gender, Family


Soc 170 Population Problems
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry
Soc 575 Sociology of the Life Course and Aging
Soc 663 Population and Society

Other Campus Affiliations:

African Studies
Center for Demography and Ecology

Selected Publications:

Grant, Monica J. 2017. “De Facto Privatization and Inequalities in Educational Opportunity in the Transition to Secondary School in Rural Malawi.” Social Forces: 1-26.

Grant, Monica J. 2015. “The Demographic Promise of Expanded Female Education: Trends in the timing of First Birth in Malawi”Population and Development Review 41 (3): 409-438

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