Joseph Conti

Position title: Associate Professor of Sociology and Law


Phone: (608) 262-4866

8112B Sewell Social Science

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Departmental Areas of Interest:

Economic Change and Development, Economic Sociology, Law and Society, Political Sociology


Soc 125 American Society: How It Really Works (Fall 2020)
Soc 125 American Society: How It Really Works (Honors)
Soc 210 Survey of Sociology
Soc 496 Globalization and Social Change
Soc 641 Sociology of Law (Fall 2019)
Soc 925 Sociology of Economic Change and Development.
Soc 942 States, International Organizations, and a Global Public Sphere

Other Campus Affiliations:

Center for European Studies
Center for Law, Society, and Justice
Law School

Selected Publications:

Conti, Joseph A. 2011. Between Law and Diplomacy: the Social Contexts of Disputing at the World Trade Organization. Stanford, CA: Stanford Univ. Press.

Conti, Joseph A. 2016. “Legitimacy Chains: Legitimation of Compliance with International Courts Across Social Fields.” Law & Society Review 50(1):154–88.