Jessica Calarco

Position title: Associate Professor of Sociology


8116A Sewell Social Science

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Research Interest Statement:

Calarco’s research primarily uses qualitative methods to examine how systems of power and privilege perpetuate inequalities in education, health, and family decision-making.


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2012

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Education; Family; Gender; Medical Sociology; Culture; Social Stratification; Class Analysis and Historical Change; Organizational and Occupational Analysis; Social Psychology and Microsociology; Qualitative Methods


Soc 754: Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications:

Mario Luis Small and Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2022. Qualitative Literacy: A Guide to Evaluating Ethnographic and Interview Research. University of California Press.

Jessica McCrory Calarco, Ilana Horn, and Grace A. Chen. 2022. “‘You Need to Be More Responsible’: Homework Inequalities and the Myth of Meritocracy,” Educational Researcher.

Monica Heilman and Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2022. “Home is where it happens: a visual essay on pandemic parenting for employed mothers,” Visual Studies.

Elaine M. Hernandez and Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2021. “Health Decisions Amidst Controversy: Conflicting Norms and Influence regarding Prenatal Alcohol Consumption.” Social Science & Medicine 286: 114319

Jeffrey Guhin, Jessica McCrory Calarco, and Cynthia Miller-Idris. 2021. “Whatever Happened to Socialization?” Annual Review of Sociology 47: 109-129.

Jessica McCrory Calarco, Elizabeth M. Anderson, Emily Meanwell, and Amelia S. Knopf. 2021. “By Default: How Mothers in Different-Sex Dual-Earner Couples Account for Inequalities in Pandemic Parenting,” Socius.

Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2020. “Avoiding Us versus Them: How Schools’ Dependence on Privileged ‘Helicopter’ Parents Influences Enforcement of Rules,” American Sociological Review 85, no. 2.

Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2020. A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum. Princeton University Press.

Amy L. Gonzales, Jessica McCrory Calarco, and Teresa Lynch. 2020. “Technology Problems and Student Achievement Gaps: A Validation and Extension of Technology Maintenance Theory,” Communication Research. First published online 2017.

Jessica McCrory Calarco. 2018. Negotiating Opportunities: How the Middle Class Secures Advantages in School. Oxford University Press