Max Besbris

Position title: Assistant Professor of Sociology


Phone: (608) 265-6480

4440 Sewell Social Sciences

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Research Interest Statement:

Broadly, I am interested in how individuals make decisions in economic markets, how these decisions are affected by interactions with others, and how these decisions, in turn, affect demographic and geographic inequalities. My work in this vein has focused on how people decide where to buy houses, how their interactions with real estate agents matter for their choices, and how their purchases are related various forms of residential segregation. In one new project, I use data scraped from Craigslist to examine inequalities in the market for rental housing. In another, I study how households in a middle-class suburb recover after a climate-related disaster.


Ph.D., New York University, 2017

Departmental Areas of Interest:

Communities and Urban Sociology; Demography and Ecology; Economic Sociology; General Social Theory; Social Stratification

Other Campus Affiliations

Center for Demography and Ecology
Center for Financial Security
Institute for Research on Poverty

Selected Publications

Besbris, Max. 2020. Upsold: Real Estate Agents, Prices, and Neighborhood Inequality. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Boeing, Geoff, Max Besbris, Ariela Schachter, and John Kuk. 2020. “Housing Search in the Age of Big Data: Smarter Cities or Same Old Blind Spots?Housing Policy Debate doi” 10.1080/10511482.2019.1684336

Besbris, Max and Caitlin Petre. 2020. “Professionalizing Contingency: How Journalism Schools Adapt to Deprofessionalization.” Social Forces 98: 1524-1547.

Besbris, Max, Jacob William Faber, and Patrick Sharkey. 2019. “Disentangling the Effects of Race and Place in Economic Transactions: Findings from an Online Field Experiment.” City & Community 18: 529-555.

Besbris, Max and Shamus Khan. 2017. “Less Theory. More Description.” Sociological Theory 35: 147-153.