Sociology Graduate Student Assocation (SGSA)

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) is a student-led organization created to:

  • Represent and promote the collective interests of students in the UW-Madison sociology program
  • Act as a liaison between graduate students, faculty members, administrative staff and other student and university groups
  • Advocate for policies and actions that build community and serve the greater interests of the Department of Sociology and its graduate students

In doing so, we hope to create an inclusive and supportive environment for every member of the department.

Who To Contact:
General Concerns:
Student Concerns: Contact your SGSA Cohort Representative, listed below.

We welcome e-mails with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for how to further improve the graduate student experience in the department. UW-Madison Sociology graduate students who have specific concerns should contact their cohort representative directly.

Governing Board (2019-2020)

Governing Board Co-Chairs
Miriam Barcus and Abby Letak


Faculty and Association Relations: Julia Thomas

Meeting and Events: Tiffany Neman

Technology and Communications: Nathan Seltzer

Treasure and Development: Anita Li

SGSA Committee Chairs

Culture & Climate Committee: Nona Gronert

Mental Health and Wellness: Alex Mikulas

Peer Mentoring: Annaliese Grant

Professional Development: VACANT

Cohort Representatives

1st year: John Canfield

2nd year: Anita Li

3rd year: Julia Thomas and Annaliese Grant

4th year: Benny Witkovsky

Advanced Cohorts (5+): Chloe Haimson


TAA Liaison:  Benny Witkovsky