Reapplication, Reentry, Deferral, or Change of Major


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If you applied to the graduate program in Sociology and were not admitted, you may reapply in a subsequent year.  You will need to reapply through the Graduate School’s on-line application website and pay the application fee again. Submit a new Statement of Reasons for Graduate Study and any other new information such as a transcript if you have taken more classes. After you reapply, please notify us with an email to We will then associate your previous file with the new file.

Reentry After a Leave Of Absence

The Graduate School has specific instructions for previously registered graduate students of UW-Madison.  After you have applied for reentry to the Graduate School, notify Charlotte Frascona, Sociology Department Graduate Advisor.

Enrollment Deferral

Our Graduate Program does not defer enrollment.  The program is structured to begin in the fall, with a new graduate student orientation and with a required proseminar for new graduate students. Being part of a cohort is beneficial to the student both academically and socially, and funding opportunities beginning in January are extremely rare.

Change of Major

If you are a UW-Madison graduate student currently enrolled in a program outside of Sociology and you would like to add Sociology to your current program or change your major to Sociology, you must apply to the Sociology and Community & Environmental Sociology graduate program.