Master’s Degree Course Requirements

Total credits required:  30 credits of graduate work in Sociology and/or Community & Environmental Sociology

  • These 30 credits must include the four required courses listed below plus at least 9 credits from courses and seminars restricted to graduate students (typically these courses are numbered 700-984), and
  • The 30 credits may include no more than 9 credits numbered 985 and above (i.e., brown bags, independent reading courses, and thesis credits).

Required courses for all students: 

  • Soc 700: Introductory Proseminar for Graduate Students
  • Soc 361: Statistics for Sociologists II (also required for the Ph.D.)
  • One graduate-level methods course from the following list:
    • Soc 735: Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
    • Soc 750: Research Methods in Sociology (also required for the Ph.D.)
    • Soc 751: Survey Methods for Social Research
    • Soc 753: Comparative and Historical Methods in Sociology
    • Soc 754: Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology
    • Soc 756: Advanced Demographic Methods
  • Soc 773: Intermediate Classical Theory (also required for the Ph.D.)

Additional requirements for students affiliated with the Center for Demography & Ecology (CDE)

  • Soc 674 Elementary Demographic Techniques
  • Soc 756: Advanced Demographic Techniques
  • Soc 971: Seminar in Population & Society I (offered in Fall)
  • Soc 971: Seminar in Population & Society II (offered in Spring)

Each semester, throughout the graduate program, CDE students also enroll in:

  • Soc 995: Demography Training Seminar
  • Soc 997: Demography Research Seminar