Preliminary Exams

Group I Exams:

  • Comparative-Historical Sociology
  • Demography and Ecology
  • Economic Change and Development
  • Economic Sociology
  • Gender
  • Organizational and Occupational Analysis
  • Political Sociology
  • Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Social Psychology and Micro-Sociology
  • Social Stratification

Group II Exams:

  • AgriFood Systems
  • Class Analysis and Historical Change
  • Communities and Urban Sociology
  • Crime, Deviance, and Social Control
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Ethnography
  • Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
  • Family
  • General Social Theory
  • Law and Society
  • Medical Sociology
  • Methods and Statistics
  • Religion
  • Science and Technology

Oral exam:

This “exam” is actually a brief, informal conversation the student has with his/her advisor, focusing on plans for the dissertation.  Once the oral exam has taken place, the student has completed all requirements for the Ph.D. but the dissertation.  He/she then submits a “Petition to Become a Dissertator” form, after which the Graduate School confers dissertator (or ABD) status.