Taylor Laemmli receives ASA Theory Section and ASA Culture Section Best Student Paper Awards

Taylor LaemmliTaylor Laemmli‘s paper, “Class Experience Mobility through Consumption, Work and Relationships,” has won both the ASA Theory Section’s Best Student Paper Award and the ASA Culture Section’s Richard A. Peterson Award for Best Student paper.

Abstract: Sociological analyses of class mobility focus on enduring class movement. How might we reconceptualize class mobility to capture more shifting experiences of class? I propose a new way to theorize class mobility that is oriented toward the analysis of short-term class mobility. Class experience mobility (CEM) is a form of class mobility in which people temporarily access a class lifestyle that does not correspond to their class position, tasting another life before returning to their own. In this theory-building article, I first conceptualize CEM, situating it relative to mainstream class analysis. I then describe six class experience processes that enable temporary upward class mobility through consumption, work, and relationships. Finally, I show how the processes by which people engage in CEM can serve as mechanisms shaping long-term class mobility and people’s classed self-understandings.