Jenna Nobles featured in PNAS article relating to COVID-19 pandemic and infant health

The Unequal Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Infant Health by Florencia Torche & Jenna Nobles published in Demography in December 2022 was featured in a PNAS article by Amy McDermott “COVID-19 increases pregnancy risks. Poorer communities shoulder most of the burden.” Nobles and Torche’s research highlights the inequalities in COVID-19 infection amongst individuals giving birth by education, race, ethnicity, and place-based socioeconomic disadvantage, and further how these disparities impact pre-term births depending on level of education. Nobles is quoted in the PNAS piece stating, “the inequities born of COVID-19 “may grow with disparities in vaccination and boosting” and “can exacerbate health inequality before infants are born”.”