Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Spring 2023: Textbook Editing

Term: Spring 2023
Status: Open
Working With: Prof Mustafa Emirbayer, 
Topic: Editing a Textbook on Race & Ethnicity in the US
I am seeking research assistance on my coauthored undergraduate textbook, Race in America (W.W. Norton; coauthored with Matthew Desmond). Every few years, the textbook is reissued in a new updated edition. The assistance I am seeking involves helping me to update certain chapters in the book for the next edition.
Students I hire will be able to choose the number of credits they earn, based on the number of hours they will be working for me. This will be a great learning opportunity: you will read and learn about race and ethnicity in the United States, and you will gain invaluable experience in doing research on racial and ethnic issues.
Activities: You would be helping me to update descriptive statistics on race and ethnicity (demographics; statistics on political and economic consequences of race, etc.); information on current events and trends; and specific examples of developments in racial life.
To Apply: Please contact Prof Emirbayer at the email address above. Available for 1-3 credits.