Mosi Ifatunji receives National Institute on Aging Pilot Grant

photo of Assistant Professor Mosi IfatunjiCongratulations to Mosi Ifatunji, Assistant Professor of Afro-American Studies and Sociology, for being awarded funding for the pilot grant “Racial Context and the Relative Health of African Americans & Foreign-Born Blacks: Linking Health in Early Life to Health Later in Life Among Older Black Adults.” Ifatunji will research early life health status and its links to later life health status among older African American internal migrants, African American non-migrants and foreign-born Afro Caribbeans.

The grant was awarded through The Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR), one of 18 Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research funded by the National Institute on Aging.  A major goal of MCUAAAR is to identify and mentor junior investigators who are committed to research careers related to the science and amelioration of health inequities and disparities among older African Americans.