Monica Grant Awarded NIH Research Grant

photo of Monica GrantThe National Institutes of Health awarded Monica Grant, Professor of Sociology, a two-year R03 grant to study the reproductive consequences of schooling expansion for men in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda.  This project builds on previous work conducted by Grant about the expansion of girls’ schooling in sub-Saharan Africa and the causal consequences of girls’ schooling expansion for the timing of first birth and first marriage. Using secondary data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and the Malawi Schooling and Adolescent Study (MSAS), Grant will explore how boys’ schooling expansion is related to shifting reproductive and attitudinal norms, how shifts in the educational composition of husbands and wives over time is associated with reproductive outcomes and couples’ decision-making, and how gendered school environments are associated with early adult gender role attitudes among men and women. Grant’s analyses will contribute to the overall understanding of how education influences demographic behavior and the changing contributions of men’s and women’s schooling to reproductive outcomes over time.