Eric Grodsky, Jason Fletcher, and Eunsil Oh Win Understanding and Reducing Inequalities Grants

Three Sociology faculty members were selected as recipients of the UW’s Understanding and Reducing Inequalities Initiative, which is designed to support research to build stronger bodies of knowledge on how to reduce inequalities.

Jason Fletcher, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, and Eric Grodsky, Professor of Sociology, are Co-Principal investigators for the project “The Foundational Inequality—Race Differences in Equal Opportunity in the United States.” This study focuses on race/ethnicity heterogeneity in intergenerational education mobility to better understand education disparities.

Eunsil Oh, Assistant Professor of Sociology, is the Co-Principal Investigator for the project  “Understanding and Preventing the Reproduction of Gender and Racial Inequalities in the Big Data Era.” This study investigates how data-driven predictive practices drive people to make unfair decisions, exacerbating existing gender and racial inequalities.