Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Spring 2021: Corporate Diversity & Affirmative Action Policies

Term: Spring 2021
Status: Open
Working With: Jungmyung Kim, 
Topic: Corporate Diversity & Affirmative Action Policies
This project seeks to identify the various reasonings and supporting logic for diversity and affirmative action policies revealed in public and investor relations documents of all publicly traded American corporations. Using the documents collected by the graduate project investigator, the research team will use qualitative content analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to explore the research topic.
Activities: Undergraduate research assistants will classify the collected documents based on their most salient logic to support the diversity and affirmative action policies. The current classification scheme is designed to categorize the documents into the ones supporting the social justice and equity and the ones supporting competitive advantage and productivity of corporations as an outcome of diversity. During the initial phase of classification, this classification scheme is subject to change as a result of discussions with undergraduate researchers. Furthermore, undergraduate research assistants will conduct qualitative data collection and analysis of anti-racist statements published by U.S. corporations since May 24th, 2020 (and possibly before). There is no prerequisite skills or courses needed for the research activities.
To Apply: Those who are interested should contact Jungmyung Kim at the email address above for more information and application. Applicant should submit their Curriculum Vitae as well as their university email address at the time of application. The deadline is until all the undergraduate research assistants are recruited.