Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Spring 2020: News Coverage of Black Protests and Other Events

Term: Spring 2020, may be continued through Summer 2020
Status: Open
Contact: Prof Pamela Oliver ( , Sociology Graduate Student Morgan Matthews (
Description: We are hiring undergraduate research assistants for our NSF-funded project “Generating High-Quality Verifiable Relational Data About News Coverage of Black Protests and Other Events.” You may choose to be paid, starting at $12/hour with raises for who do consistent, accurate, and efficient work for several months; or you may choose to this project for credit as a Soc 320, Research Practicum, class (but not both).
Qualifications: Undergraduate research assistants will use a web browser interface to read electronic copies of articles from Black newspapers, identify Black protest events in them, and mark text relevant to those protests. Reading and marking text in these articles can be very interesting if you are interested in the topic, but the work can also get tedious, so some self-discipline is needed. You can work anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection, but we will be fostering group work sessions to make the work more social and pleasant and give you a chance to learn from others. Research Assistants will have  to read background and training materials, attend weekly meetings, and keep a work log. Minimum time commitment is 8 hours per week, but 10-15 hours is preferred.
Requirements: This project requires the ability to read news articles in English fairly rapidly and with good understanding. Accuracy and attention to detail are essential. You should have a track record of reliability and quality work in classes or jobs. We prefer sociology or other social science or media studies majors, Afro-American Studies majors, or others with a genuine interest in the project and prefer students who have taken a basic research methods class. Students who are from disadvantaged or historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.
To Apply: Email Pamela Oliver and Morgan Matthews by January 15, 2020, with the information listed in the supporting document. You may also see more information and apply at the Student Job Center listing if you are choosing to be paid.
Further Information: See this document Soc 320 Oliver Lim Jan 2020 for complete information.