Soc 320 Research Opportunity, Spring 2020: Environment & Labor: Waste Remediation Industries

Term: Spring 2020
Status: Open
Contact: Alexis Econie See below for syllabus and application form.
Description: This is a directed study course focused on research surrounding the social construction of skill and risk in U.S. waste remediation industries. The first half of the semester will focus on qualitative data collection and coding. The second half of the semester will center around creating and submitting an IRB proposal and developing semi-structured interview guides. In addition to semester-long assignments, research assistants will read and create a short report on one scholarly journal article per week. As a research assistant, you will be asked to read, discuss, and assist in the development of research materials, including literature reviews, interview guides, data codes, and IRB proposals.
More Information: See the syllabus.
Application: Fill out the application here.