Soc 320 Research Opportunity: Coding News Stories on the Institutional Response to Sexual Assault

Term: Fall 2019 (Soc 320, Section 209)
Status: Open
Contact: Please contact Nona Gronert with your resume and cover letter to apply for this position.
Description: This is a hands-on course focusing on archival social science research and content analsysis. As a Research Assistant (RA), you will be learning and using a coding manual to analyze newspaper articles from The Badger Herald and The Daily Cardinal. This ultimately will result in constructing (1) a timeline of events related to sexual violence at UW Madison and (2) a directory of key individuals involved with the issue of sexual assault at UW Madison. RAs are expected to code articles, write weekly research memos, and attend weekly research meetings.
Requirements: Students will (1) learn how to use NVivo, (2) participate in research team reliability checks, (3) learn how to use the coding manual, (4) individually code articles, (5) write weekly research memos, and (6) participate in weekly research team meetings. Preferred qualities:
– ability to work independently
– attention to detail
– critical thinking skills
– SOC 375 Research Methods (or equivalent)
– strong written and verbal communication