Soc 320 Research Opportunity: The Experiences of Students and Their Parents in a Suburban High School

Term: Fall 2019 (Soc 320, Section 171)
Status: Open
Faculty: Jienian Zhang
Description: The Experiences of Students and Their Parents in a Suburban High School. This is a qualitative study examining experiences of students and of their parents in a suburban high school. Some of the interviews with participants will be conducted in Spanish. Note: Students of color are especially encouraged to apply for this position.
• Fluent in both Spanish and English (able to read, write, and speak)
• Comfortable interacting with teenagers as well as parents
• Interested in and motivated by research topic
• Interested in learning and perfecting interviewing skills
• Flexible schedule
• Proactive and communicative
• Active learner
• Preference given to applicants who will stay on the project for the whole academic year
• Conducting interviews (training included)
• Translating and transcribing
• One 1-hour interview may be scheduled every week (likely on the weekends) that requires traveling; the Ph.D. student will travel with the RA by taxi to the interview location, pay for transportation, observe the interview, and take notes
• Bi-weekly 1-hour debriefing session with the Ph.D. student may be necessary
• At least 3 hours are expected from the RA each week
• A 200-300 word statement on
– applicant’s multilingual background
– why the research topic may be of interest to the applicant
– flexibility with schedules
• Send the statement to
– Put “SOC 320 RA Application” in the subject title
– Statement can either be attached as a word document or written in the email